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Call the store to order: 269-327-1014


The Prima is a revolutionary new a la carte canister vacuum system that’s compact, lightweight and powerful yet quiet. Prima moves with ease and grace, making it a delight to use with one of three power team nozzles sold separately. With sealed HEPA media filtration and a long 28-foot cord, it was designed to be paired with the floor cleaning tools that best suit your home.


The Prima Power Team canister features:
12-Amp Motor

• Metal Brushroller 
• HEPA media self-sealing bag
• Stainless steel hose handle with soft tip
• Stainless steel, large diameter wand
• Extra-large overmolded wheels to reduce noise and prevent scuffing plus a front caster for ultimate maneuverability
• Soft Sweep Floor Brush with Microfiber Pad
• Full size tools
• Metal tool holder
• Variable suction control
• Full bag indicator
• 28-Foot cord

Prima Power Team Full-Size Nozzle

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