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EDIC is an amazing company located in Los Angeles, California and we have held them in our store for over 20 years.

EDIC has done a great job with designing and developing some of the most innovative and productive carpet care equipment on the market today. These machines will work very effectively and efficiently at both commercial and residential applications. We hold EDIC in our store because there is not another machine out that is not already compromising in dependability and durability.

Overall, when you get out our carpet cleaner from EDIC you can feel confident that there is not any other machine that gets the job done as quickly or conveniently or with as much ease as the EDIC Bravo or EDIC FiveStar carpet cleaners.


EDIC Fivestar
EDIC Bravo

“We are so pleased with the carpet cleaner you sent us. Not to mention your outstanding team over at EDIC made an awesome and well communicated transaction with our program. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

From Rhett:

"Hi, I am a customer and a user of 2700 carpet machine, from BC, Canada. As I had a big problem with the machine and could not make it working, Rick picked up his cell phone and instructed me, step by step. Finally, it worked again. All this happened last Friday evening. Rick spent about 3 hrs of his own time to help me fix the problem. Thanks Rick and EDIC."

From Bing X:


Read more of the testimonials on the EDIC website! 


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